Striking the right balance is important to avoid losses. While diversification is important, you should keep in mind how much risk you are prepared to accept on your money. If it is important to you to avoid losses, you may want a portfolio that has less in shares and more in cash and fixed interest securities held to maturity, for example. (more…)
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Innovation in both finance and technology. One of the main innovations in both finance and technology over the past few years has been the advent of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of investors each for a small amount of money. (more…)
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What the over 50s do with their money once the mortgage is paid off. Britain’s over 50s are splashing their extra income they receive once they’ve paid off their mortgages on holidays, home improvements and gifts for their children[1], while less than one in four are using the money to top up their retirement savings, new research from Saga Investment Services has found. (more…)
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Are most people unprepared for retirement? People are still being left confused by pensions, with almost two thirds not understanding their key features, according to new research by Wesleyan. (more…)
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