Start thinking about preparing for any big events as soon as you can. None of us know exactly what life’s got in store for us, but we know that there are a handful of major events that we’re quite likely to encounter at some stage. These include some of the great milestones of life, such as buying a property, getting married, starting a family, buying a holiday home or planning for ...
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Do you have a financial plan in place to help protect your home? Taking out a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment many of us will ever make, and having a financial plan in place will help protect your home in the event that you can’t work due to illness or ill health, or even your premature death. (more…)
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How the lifetime allowance reduction could impact on your retirement savings. The Government has introduced comprehensive reforms to the pension rules over the previous few years. One important change, which may have been overlooked by some savers, is the reduction of the lifetime allowance that applies to pension savings. The lifetime allowance is the total amount you can hold within all ...
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Lewys Richards writes about his experience as a first-time attendee of the Paraplanners Powwow.   When you picture a financial services conference, I can guarantee you don’t picture this. I’ve attended plenty in my three years in the industry, but for originality the Paraplanners Powwow stands a country mile ahead of anything else. (more…)
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