Protecting your portfolio. Investors should not try to predict currency movements, but you can act to protect your portfolio. Investing in foreign securities, while potentially a good thing for your long-term portfolio, may continue to pose new threats for investors. (more…)
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Parents putting financial health at risk to fund university costs. When it comes to funding a university education, it is parents and grandparents who typically look to provide the money. But even though this may be the case, last year’s graduates from English universities still left with an average of £44,000 debt (source: Sutton Trust), with some parents still, on average, expecting ...
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Choosing a management style that’s right for you. Investors are faced with one of the most basic questions: do you want to put your money in ‘actively’ or ‘passively’ managed funds? (more…)
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Whether seeking income, growth or both, there are some basic rules to follow. Volatile financial markets are an inevitable part of investing. On a day-to-day basis, the swings in stock market prices can be significant. However, over the longer term, things have tended to smooth out, with daily volatility having a lower impact on overall portfolios. (more…)
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