Investment planning is a very complex subject. The most important objective for us as advisers is to ensure that we invest your money to meet your needs and requirements. We will undertake an in depth analysis of your attitude to investment risk, taking into account the returns you require or wish to achieve and your ability to withstand market volatility and losses. Whether you are saving for a large purchase, investing to generate an income for yourself, or looking to pass funds on to family members tax-efficiently, we will provide a structured financial plan to ensure your investments meet your goals on time.


A number of factors need to be considered when setting an investment strategy, including selecting a tax wrapper, selecting funds and knowing which sectors or geographical areas to invest in. As independent advisers we can access the whole market to tailor an investment strategy for you. We also engage with leading discretionary investment managers to invest many of our clients’ funds. This enables us to deliver client portfolios usually restricted to those investors with very large sums of money, via the services of Discretionary Fund Managers. The Discretionary Fund Managers use their expertise to try and avoid the volatility that can reduce the returns of many investments. They invest across many different types of assets and geographical sectors to potentially provide both reduced volatility and greater long term returns. However, this approach is not correct for every client. There are many other options that are available and recommended by our advisers to meet your personal requirements.


Using the latest technology, we can offer you the ability to check the value of your investment portfolio via your own personal account, accessible via desktop browser, Apple or Android. Take a look at the demonstration site in the client login section above for an insight into how you can benefit from this market-leading service. We can also offer access to the unique, award-winning ImpulseSave® allowing you to quickly and easily top up your investment by as little as £1, at the click of a button.


The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and past performance is no indication to future returns.