Sufficient time is critical when saving into a pension for retirement. The longer you save and the more you save, the better retirement you will have. Your pensions will have to support your lifestyle for the duration of your retirement, potentially for the same length of time that you spent working and paying into them. We can advise on a suitable product that meets your objectives for a comfortable retirement.


Most clients will have existing pensions from previous employment, but they often don’t know what they are are worth or where they are invested. They also won’t know how expensive the product is, or what it’s expected to be worth at retirement. Pension legislation is both complicated and changing rapidly. A number of pensions set up a long time ago are no longer suitable, and won’t have been for a long time. Although it may not always be right to move these arrangements, we can help. We will complete full research into the details of your pension funds and provide advice on what to do with them, to ensure they achieve the right outcome for you.


As part of our pension advice service, we will fully analyse your current situation, and once your aspirations and goals have been established we will agree on a level of contributions that has a realistic potential to reach these goals. We will show you the many different approaches that can be used to build this very important fund and how to invest it for the future. Your retirement plan may include pension schemes, property, ISAs and many other savings vehicles if necessary.


The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and past performance is no indication to future returns.