The ‘Pension Freedoms’ of 2015 completely revolutionised the retirement income landscape. Flexible income is the new norm, and we can help you manage your income in retirement to ensure you don’t run out of funds sooner than you’d like. As part of our retirement planning service we will consider all of your assets and investments as well as your pension funds to provide your income in the most tax-efficient manner possible.


Despite the recent popularity of drawdown, annuities are also still a relevant retirement option. If you are a smoker or in ill health you may be able to secure higher annuity rates. You may also have valuable Guaranteed Annuity Rates in your pension products that are too good to pass up. As well as annuities, we can also provide your income via Flexible Drawdown, or any number of blended solutions available in the retirement market. As advisers, we will analyse your entire situation and assess your attitude to investment risk to recommend the best course of action. By analysing your current expenditure and income, we can secure a level of income to cover your basic expenses while keeping some flexibility in your excess income to spend on life’s luxuries in retirement, like a holiday or a new car.


It’s a distressing subject, but we also have to consider what will happen to your funds if the worst were to happen to you. If you die early in retirement and you haven’t prepared the right paperwork with your pension plans, your entire pension fund may be taken by the provider, leaving your family with nothing. We will ensure that everything is in place to protect your pension funds and pass them to your loved ones in the event of death.


The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and past performance is no indication to future returns.